Action Checkers Intro

Do you find yourself longing for something beyond boring video games?
Is “1st Person shooter board game champion” a title you’ve not yet collected?
Then this site is your gateway to domination of the classical, strategic board gaming world!

Draughts, Backgammon … now, NFL-augmented Virtual Checkers Reality awaits you.
Catch the excitement of the premier strategy board game (not named chess, of course):
NFL-augmented Checkers

AFC v NFC Original East- Central – West Divisions. Who is missing from this party?
“Gentlemen, this is a checkerboard” – Vince Lombardi, in grade school checkers club

Some basic reminders: Black moves first, captures forced, notation may be slightly awkward; Fred Reinfeld’s 1957 classic, launched just prior to USSR’s Sputnik satellite ruse, showed the real game

We use Fred Reinfeld’s classic to learn basic strategies and openings of the grand, though simple, old game.

Stupid Bungles cornered effectively; Stupid (0-14) Oilers Chose Poorly in attempt to corner wily foe. Merry Christmas Cleveland!
First to move wins; Steelers stupid either way
Pack-Lions-Bears spine is vulnerable; Steelers expendable
2-for-1 shot opens up, Lions surprisingly useful (Bungles actually irrelevant)

Checkers, anyone?

Checkers (or “draughts”) dates back 5000 years to the Egyptians, shows up in the writings of Homer and Plato, with variations played by Romans (Latrunculi), Arabs (Alquerque), Chinese (aptly titled Chinese Checkers), and even Hawaiians (Konane), let alone Canadians, Germans, Russians and more, sometimes on boards of 10×10 or even 12×12. Regular but not boring checkers, 8×8 board, captures necessary when possible, “King”ing peiece when they reach the last row, no moving backwards (except for Kings), etc.

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